Hey guys, welcome to my page!

My name is Shah and this is my little corner of the web to showcase my work. I want to take this opportunity to share a bit about me. 

It is my mission to create a steady flow of artwork as long as I have the ability and resources to do so. My love for art runs deep. It began when my mother noticed me making little doodles and sketches as a young girl. She saw some potential in me, and she made sure that I was steadily enrolled in after-school art classes throughout grade school. At the age of 10, I was granted the opportunity to take private lessons under the renowned Iranian painter, Abbas Katouzian, from whom I first learned to oil paint. As the years went by, my life steered in a more academic direction, and I focused all my energy into obtaining a doctorate in general dentistry. I pushed any creative endeavors to the side, to be forgotten, as if that chapter of my life was over. But, when I began my career as a practicing dentist, I soon came to find that I had more time on my hands than I ever did as a student. In that downtime, I found myself faced with the creeping, slow onset of a mild existential crisis, wondering what my purpose is on this earth. Despite the gratitude I have for being a part of such a rewarding career that allows me to serve others, without art in my life, I felt like a part of me was missing. That’s when I made the decision to pick up where I left off, to pick up the paint brush once again [and allow my creative juices to flow.]


I approach my art through improvisation — which is rooted in my appreciation for spontaneity — rather than through meticulous planning. Some of my influences include Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt, to name a few. My current body of work revolves around female portraiture that intends to depict a range of personalities to be interpreted by the viewer. I chose this theme because it resonates with my ever-ending quest to discover my own identity as a woman. Every woman’s face carries a story — her story. In an era where the role of a woman is no longer confined to some age-old societal norm, she may go where she pleases, and she may do what she wants. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case: women have been faced with excessive scrutiny and strict expectation throughout history. I hope to shift the perspective of the viewer to highlight the fact that women can claim their personal freedom. And they can do so in any way in which that personal freedom manifests for a particular woman. Whether that is done through how a woman presents herself, or through a more essential manner, the truth is never superficial — it lies in her story.